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Ridwan Sharkar



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Belongs to the "First 10 Things I've Ever Made" club. Hand-carved axe in cedar wood and coated with a polymer resin. 

Class: Axe

Element: Martial

What's Included

- 5mm Oblique Dual Bevel Knife
- 5mm Oblique Single Bevel Knife
- 5mm Rounded Semi-Gouge Knife
- 3mm Flat Head Dual Bevel Knife
- 5mm Flat Head Dual Bevel Knife
- 8mm Flat Head Dual Bevel Knife
- 10mm Flat Head Dual Bevel Knife
- 5mm Flat Head Single Bevel Knife
- Conic Pinpoint Knife
- Cross-sectional Parting Knife
- Leather Travel Case


Tungsten has the highest tensile strength point and melting point of any known pure metal. Tungsten is stronger than both steel and titanium, possessing 3x the density and rigidity of regular Steel.

When combined, the Tungsten-Steel alloy possesses enhanced strength, wear resistance, toughness, scratch & heat resistance.

Tungsten is also unreactive to acids and bases - including oxygen - granting these blades additional rust & corrosion resistance.

Double-edged blades allow for higher durability and longevity with a smoother cut. The complementary single-bevel blades allow for a deeper, more precise cut used for fine detailing.


Knives included come very sharp. Always follow carving safety guidelines. Do not handle blades near face. Always carve in a direction pointing away from your body. Protective gloves recommended for beginners.


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Shipping Dimensions: 8.3x2.6x2.0 in | 21.2x6.6x5.1 cm
Product Dimensions: Knife Length ~6 in | ~15 cm
Product Weight: ~1 lb | ~450g

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