Mythos Store is independently owned and operated by Ridwan Sharkar based in the United States, who specializes in hand-carving one of a kind fantasy blades and custom wooden jewelry.

Artist's Note:

Woodcarving is a minimalist hobby that just requires steel and wood - a liberating craft that can be taken anywhere inspiration may strike. There is elegance in being able to take your craft anywhere - no stationary power tools, garage, or woodshop required. The only few knives and hand-held tools that I have been personally using for years are what I sell.

Carving is also a form of meditation - the knife: your mantra - that induces an effortless flow state, silencing internal chatter and anchoring your experience back to the physical world & present moment. While being a relaxing, mindful hobby, carving is simultaneously an engaging and coordinated brain effort with rich sensory stimulus and that evokes the full arsenal of one's imagination.

A little over seven years has passed since I've picked up the knife and it has been the most fulfilling journey that I am grateful for having serendipitously embarked on. Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years and for letting me share my love for the craft with you.